About bjtconsultant

bjtconsultant was founded by Mo who has 15 years of experience of consulting and coaching experience  in different industries as information technology, Real Estate, Aviation and Engineering.

Mo help people in the C-level positions think quicker, lead with confidence, and bring teams together around big ideas. Being an effective leader takes experience, but is also based on a set of teachable skills. I’ve worked with leaders from a variety of industries to help them overcome internal and external struggles. 

My approach is based on putting communication first, and teaching participants how to open up lines of communication within their organization to rally everyone around a central idea. We also work on being better communicators ourselves too, so we can use our time more efficiently when speaking to colleagues and other executives. 

If you’re feeling pressure from your team, your board, and your customers, I can help you find productive ways to channel that energy into something great. I also help CEOs improve their decision-making processes so they can think quicker and take action when they need to the most. I’ve seen my courses work, and my experience in IT, Engineering, and Real Estate allows me to have a broader perspective on the business world. 

Message me to learn more about my packages and let’s jump on a call to talk about your current situation and create a new strategy. 

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